As children and teens, most of us roam around our neighborhood and know it very well. 

We know where people live and the sounds of their voices.

We know every tree and bump in the sidewalk, every path through the grass, and every nearby beach and pool during the summer.

As time goes on, we remember visiting front porches and back doors, even if the house or building was torn down.

The everyday landscapes of childhood contain sights and sounds we never forget. 

Thea Bowman enjoyed telling stories about her neighborhood and hometown of Canton, Mississippi. Some of those stories are retold in Thea Bowman: A Story of Triumph

In this book, we can experience Thea’s neighborhood without leaving the library or classroom. Most importantly, we can hear and feel what it was like for Thea to grow up in a caring and strong community.

No surprise, then, that Thea tried to create “community” wherever she went: in high school, in college, as a teacher in her classes, and in many places where she traveled. Watch for Thea’s community leadership grow as an educator and in her career responsibilities, as you read about her life.


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